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Tree of Life Tapestry

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Wisdom of Knowledge with Tree of Life Tapestries

Tapestry, nowadays are massively replacing oil paintings in our homes. They are not only budget friendly and a better decor than oil paintings but are multipurpose too. All the Credit goes to the modern machines and techniques that made tapestries within the reach of commoners. We have lots of designs for tapestries that are competing with each other in the market and in them, there is a tapestry design known as Tree of life tapestry which is a bit different from the league and traditional styles.

The tree of life tapestry wall hanging has a unique design that revolves around a tree. It is a kind of tapestry which will be loved by nature lovers and people who are bored with the prevailing designs and wants a change in their room. It can be used in kid’s room to develop affection towards nature within them. We need the next generation to be conscious for the environment degradation. It has vivid colours and artistic design and that is fashionable too. Not only they are majestic and beautiful but also show your love towards nature. Your friends and guests will appreciate you for supporting an environment cause. Trees have always been a symbol of positivity so it will spread positivity and peace in the atmosphere. It will also create a positive impact on the mind of people about you if they saw you using them. They can be used horizontally to give your room a unique charm while using as a wall hanging. People will be noticing and appreciating you if used in outings such as beaches and picnics.

Tree of life tapestry wall hanging is available in two sizes which are Twin tapestry that is approx. 54 inch x 84 inches in dimensions and Queen Tapestry that is approx. 84*88 inches in dimension. They are multipurpose and can be used in outings such as picnic, beaches as well as in indoor too as wall hanging, bedspread, furniture cover, yoga mat etc. They are handmade with 100% fine cotton and vegan dye so you don’t have to worry about the rashes and blemishes as they are skin friendly. The use of high-quality fabrics and dye ensures it remains bright and pretty for years. Also, the use of vegan dye ensures your support for animal rights don’t go vain. Use it and feel the difference.