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Historical Inheritance for Tie Dye Tapestries

Tie dye was invented in the mid-1960s in the United States for a set of ancient resist-dyeing techniques. It was quite popular among American youths who opposed the controversial Vietnam War in which the United States helped South Vietnam in its fight against the encroachment by Communist North Vietnam. Tie-dye was a natural outgrowth of these values, combining personal creativity and bright designs to create low-cost clothing. American youths rebelled against the conservative rules of dress and appearance. They began to appreciate a movement that valued arts and crafts, simplicity, and traditional ways of making things. It was a natural outgrowth of these values, combining personal creativity and bright designs to create low-cost clothing. Tie dye has its roots in Indian ‘bandhani’ and Japanese ‘shibori’, both dyeing techniques that involve binding areas of fabric before dyeing to create colour patterns. Also, countries like Indonesia, Nigeria, and Peru have a long history of tie-dyeing fabrics.

Tie Dye tapestry wall hangings

Tie dye refers to the method of tying the cloth with thread and then dying it. Typical techniques like folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling fabric or a garment and binding with string or rubber bands consists in the process of tie-dyeing. Tie dye tapestries are known for their vibrant and rich colours. They provide an ethnic look to the room. Tie dye tapestry wall hangings make the walls colourful and are ideal for those who want to fill colours in their room. The best thing about tie dye wall tapestry is they are an evergreen style that never goes out of trend. Artists get inspirations from them and it is loved by art lovers for decorating their room. They help in creating a mood that is similar to paint and canvas. Tie dye tapestries are also combined with different designs such as tie dye hippie tapestries, tie dye mandala, tie dye bohemian etc. This enriches the colours of designs like the mandala, hippie, elephant, bohemian etc.

Tie dye tapestries available here are made up of 100% fine cotton and high-quality fabrics that make them skin friendly and bright for years. They are a handmade item and can be used for Festival/wedding decoration, Restaurant/shop decoration, College/dorm Decoration, Festival flags or on Picnic/Beach Sheet/ Blanket. They are available in two ideal sizes that are queen size that measures approx. 84 inch x 88 inches and Twin Size that measures approx. 54 inch x 84 inches with a pillow cover.  Mail us for wholesale order.
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