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Small Wall Tapestry

Not only tapestries have always decorated homes and important buildings but now it has also become an important travel accessory. For decorating home, the same careful consideration used in selecting an oil painting should be given while selecting a tapestry. They are not restricted by size and are available in various variants, shapes and style. They are available in as small as handkerchiefs and as big that can cover a wall of a big building. The compact size of a small tapestry makes it more convenient during travel and popular for decorating small rooms.

Small Bedroom Tapestries for Small Spaces

Small tapestries wall hangings are multipurpose as they can be used as a table cover, furniture cover,yoga mat and for your bedrooms. They are available at three major shapes i.e. Rectangle, Squares and circle and among them, the rectangle is most popular. Although large tapestries are aslo much popular but Small wall tapestries are ideal for decorating rooms with their compact sizes and placement in the rooms at respective choices. In small rooms, small wall tapestries can be hanged horizontally to give the illusion that the room and wall are larger than it is while a vertically hanged small tapestries wall hanging is best for a narrow room with small ceilings as they will make low ceilings appear higher, as the eye will travel vertically up with it. Hence, it can make up the architectural cons of your room with its illusion up to some extent. They help in getting rid of prosaic walls or wallpapers like tapestry curtains and don’t let the room to be dry by providing entertainment and new thoughts with their styles.

Small tapestries hippie designs are the latest trend. These designs are chosen by the people who want their rooms to be fantastically unique. The flag style gives your room a patriotic look while the Indian Mandala possesses beautiful designs of circumscribing circles. Every design is awesome in its own ways. They have also become more popular in travel due to their compact size; they don’t take much space in the travel bag and is ideal for single use. People use them on the beach, picnics and other outings. The small tapestries for sale here are made up of 100 percent of fine cotton which is the skin friendly and can be used as a blanket for covering head or body without any allergies and rashes. They are made up of high-quality fabrics which make sure that it can be used for years with its full charm i.e. without losing vibrant dyes and keeping them bright and pretty.
We also deals in round beach blankets, duet covers, kantha pillowsprinted cushion covers & much more.  Small tapestry should be chosen with love as it will give a unique atmosphere to a room, creating a mood that is not so easily achieved with paint and canvas.

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