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Mandala Tapestries

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Traditional Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging Designs

Tapestries are known for its designs, patterns and themes. Their unique designs give the room a new theme. It is important to have such a designer tapestry which not only is beautiful but a sense of goodness is also required to fill our life with positivity. One of such eye-catching designer tapestry is Mandala tapestry. Mandala is a Sanskrit word which refers to a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions that represents the universe and it has have become a part of English language  just like ‘yoga’ and ‘guru’, due to its popularity. Mandala can be traced in thousands of years old, Rigveda and its associated literature. It is the most admired and discussed symbol in Buddhism religion and art. It is a multi-dimensional field of spiritual consciousness and the state of enlightenment for the Tibetan monks. It has been used in Hindu and Buddhist religious practices and considered a sacred design.

Though it can be broadly defined as geometric designs, diagram or chart intended to symbolise the universe. Similar patterns like Mandala is available in Christianity also such as the Celtic cross; the rosary; the halo; the aureole; oculi; the Crown of Thorns; rose windows; the Rosy Cross etc. For the Native Americans, the medicine wheel which is a form of a mandala symbolizes the circle of life and sacred ceremonial space. Hence in both eastern and western cultures, the mandala design represents harmony, unity, wholeness, healing and goodness.

Mandala tapestry wall hangings have not only a great connection to spirituality but they are very attractive and complex too. These days, it has been combined with more designs such as Elephant, Hippie which produces new designs that are quite popular these days. These tapestries will not only add a beautiful charm to your room but also spread positivity in the atmosphere. You can add a little light effect to enhance its charm. There tapestries available here have an unmatched quality that you won’t find in other online shops. They are made from high-quality fabric 100% fine cotton that pampers your skin and protects from blemishes and rashes. They are available in two sizes, Queen Size that measures approx. 84 inch x 88 inches and Twin Size that measures approx. 54 inch x 84 inches with a pillow cover that matches the tapestry. Kindly mail us for mandala tapestry wholesale order.