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Parasol Umbrella - Perfect product for sun protection and home decor

Those days are no longer when umbrella is the only thing used to take protection from the rain and the sun. Nowadays, it is used for many purposes at wider level. These are becoming the most alluring and contemporary shades. Most fascinating varieties are available in the online marketplace with plenty of salient features. Parasol umbrella is one of such kind that tends to be more useful than traditional umbrella styles. The stunning and widely popular Parasol is designed to convert the outside area as the most relaxing and enjoyable space. It is the ideal product for patio and garden that not only proves useful for offering the shade and avoiding the environmental effects on the human skin but also protects the home furnishing, furniture, and exteriors from atmospheric damage. It protects the garden furniture from harmful and damaging sun rays and heavy rainwater that destroys the quality and charm of furniture and exterior decorative products. If you are thinking to buy parasol umbrella, then first explore the varieties available on the online shopping web portals. Here are 3 main types of parasol umbrella that are gaining the lots of admiration from the customers. Hippie : Get striking hippie parasol umbrella designed using the eye-catching embroidery and attention-grabbing lacework. Made in the Indian popular tourist destination Rajasthan, this special type of umbrella consists of an alluring traditional touch and is the preferred choice for the home decor. It is also useful for sun shade in the burning season but not perfect for rain. Boho : The hand embroidered Boho parasol umbrella are suitable to protect against the midday sun and decoration purpose. The gorgeous umbrella is completely stunning and unique in its design and colors. These are available with the awesome finishing. Aside residential areas, these parasol umbrellas are useful for open cafes, garden restaurants, and rooftop cafes. Mandala : Available in a gorgeous appearance, Mandala parasol umbrella are handcrafted Indian umbrella designed by the creative and very talented artists of Rajasthan. High load bearing and broad area are the main features that make these umbrellas the no.1 choice of customers. It provides the awesome summer sun protection and perfect for both residential as well as commercial areas.