Round Mandala Floor Cushions

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  1. Siddhi Round Floor Pillow - White Border
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Mandala Cushions

Pillows and Cushion have been comforting human’s life since ages. Be it bed pillow, cushions, floor pillow, throw pillow, we need these light weighted, spongy, soft stuff all around ourselves in order to settle down, to relish our daydreams or to slumber. We can’t even imagine how discomforting and challenging this everyday life would be, if these pillows and cushions were not introduced by those early civilisations. It also plays a key role in the home decoration when used in different shapes, sizes rolled in colourful and fancy covers. Mandala design pillows and cushions covers are also one of them.

Indian Floor Cushions

Mandala designs usually include geometric symbols and living figures. The whole Universe are represented through these designs in a miniature form. If you are wondering what mandala actually means, then the word ‘mandala’ denotes to ignite or to set on fire. They also symbolise circle as the word originated from Sanskrit where it means circle. These designs contain a spiritual factor and used as a tool for meditation and help in balancing our inner and outer energies. It marks its presence in various spiritual religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. So, whenever you are stressed out with the everyday hustle and getting cantankerous thoughts then these designs will help you to refocus and reorganise yourself.

Mandala Floor Pillows and Mandala Floor Cushions are somewhere you find these unique mandala designs. These mandala pillows and Hippie pillows can be a great part of your interior as these designs are very calm and soothing to your eye and mind. These large pillows come in different shapes and sizes. It can be round, square, oblong and rectangle with geometrical mandala designs over them and create some more room to your place. You can place these large mandala floor pillows and cushions beautifully in your living room and get all those nice compliments from your guests. The creative illustrations and artwork infuse with vivid colours, which you find these big floor pillow and mandala cushion covers are not just meant to grab everyone’s attention but these patterns and colours have a strong influence on our mood and our surrounding atmosphere.

The round mandala designed cushion covers and pillow covers that we are offering, have the most eye-appealing colours and textures. We also provide you with a large collection to choose from. The designs which we offer you are available in the best fabric at affordable rates only at Multimate Collection now!
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