>> How do I pay for a purchase?

Press "Add to Cart" button for the item you like to purchase. Do it for all the products you want to purchase.

Once all products are added to cart, desktop user should take mouse pointer on cart image on right-top position of page. Mobile user should tap on cart image on right-top position of page.

You will see Checkout button. Click on that "Checkout" button.

Checkout page will be opened. You will see all products here which you have added. You will also see item cost, shipping cost and grand total. Have a look at all the added products.

You will see "PayPal Check Out" button below "Grand Total". Press that "PayPal Check Out" button.

After you press this button, you will be redirected to PayPal website.

On the right side of PayPal website, you will see two blocks. Top block is for people already having PayPal account. They can login and pay there using login id and password. Bottom block is for others who do not have PayPal account. You can enter in this block and fill out all the details to create new PayPal account and purchase these beautiful products.

   >> How To Create PayPal Account?

Visit PayPal and SignUp for free. PayPal is a trusted payment gateway who is using secure encryption technology to keep all transaction details confidential at all times.

   >> What should I do if my payment doesn't get through or fails?

If your payment is declined, we recommend you to check bank details or card details which you have entered and try again. Also, please check that your debit or, credit card has not expired or renewed with new card recently. If the payment is still declined, you'll need to contact your debit card or credit card issuer for more information. You can also call PayPal for help.


   >> How long does it take an order to reach me?

It takes approx 2-3 days to dispatch your order from our store. Depending on shipping options, below is the delivery schedule after order is dispatched from store.

Express Shipping - Order is delivered in approx 5 days or even less

Economical Shipping - Order is delivered in approx 14 to 24 days. It may get delayed by another 1-2 weeks due to bad weather, custom delays, etc

   >> Which countries do you ship to ?

We ship worldwide! We ship to almost all countries. Still if you have any question, feel free to contact us

   >> Can I make changes to my shipping address after my order has been placed ?

Currently, we accept PayPal for payment. While making the payment, it ask you shipping address. Please give your updated address because we dispatch order to that address only. Still if you want to change the address, please let us know. We will cancel your order and refund you complete amount. I will also send you PayPal link for new payment. You can pay there with your updated shipping address. Once you pay, we will dispatch your order shortly. If we have already dispatched the order, we will try our best to help you. Please let us know in such case.

   >> Do I have pay for shipping charges?

Yes, you have to pay for shipping charge. Prices of all the products are exclusive of shipping charge and duties / taxes applicable for your country.

   >> Will I be charged for duties / taxes?

Yes. These import duty / taxes are different for each country. If these are applicable for your order, you will be asked to pay it at the time of delivery by the delivery person. They will deposit these taxes. You do not need to worry about it at all.

   >> Who are your shipping companies?

We have very reliable shipping companies for our customers.

For Express Shipping - FedEx / DHL / ARAMAX

For Economical Shipping - India Post who hand over items to your country postal service. Finally your country postal service delivers the items to your doorstep

   >> How do you ensure that order reaches in time?

We dispatch all items from our store positively within 2-3 days. After item dispatch, you will receive shipping email with tracking information inside it. We request you to please go through that email and let us know if you do not receive your order within given time frame. We will certainly look into this and help you if you have any query / doubt / not able to track it.


   >> Do you take bulk orders or wholesale orders?

Yes. We do! Please contact us and let us know that which items you like the most. I will give you cost estimate for that.

   >> Is product customization possible?

Yes. We do product customization. Let us know your requirement and we will get back to you.


   >> With whom I have to follow up regarding shipping or tracking?

You will receive shipment email after your order is dispatched from our store. You can use tracking information in that email and check the delivery status. If you are not sure that where to track the package, feel free to contact us. We will assist you in that.

   >> Are there any chance to have order processing delayed?

We dispatch all items within 2-3 days after order is received. Still, if you want to check on this, you can contact us. We are always here to help you.


   >> The product I received look little different from its image on website. What is your return policy?

We are sorry to say that we do not accept any return / refund due to color mismatch or some design asymmetry. This is because as each piece is unique, hand made and hand dyed, color vary each time a bit from previous production. Also there may be little asymmetry in the printed design due to hand print or hand dyed.

   >> I received a damaged piece. How can I get it replaced?

Please contact us within 48 hours after you receive damaged piece. Also send us the damaged part picture so that we can understand about the damaged piece. We will reply you back within 48 hours with further way out.

   >> I have ordered a wrong item. Can I get it exchanged or replaced?

No. As your order is coming to you from India, shipping cost a lot. Due to this, we do not offer any exchange or replacement. Still if you want to exchange or replace, please feel free to contact us.

Did not find answer to your question? Please connect with us at here.

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