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Striking Ways to Hang Chic Decorating Tapestries at Home

Wall tapestry can be the impressive work piece that does not take much space and higher investment. These are used as the alluring decorative element that adds the impressive colors and visual impact to the space and also helps soften the room’s sound.

Buy Small Tapestry Online

The tapestry with the lush green garden scene can be used to link up the room interior with the garden outside with no extra investment. You can buy small tapestry in varying range of sizes to better fit the space no matter how large is your room. If used in the striking ways, this work piece can be used to improve the entire home’s elegance.

Here we help you to hang the tapestry and bring the new gorgeousness in the space:

  1. Rod in casing

Tapestry having casing for rod can be hanged in an alluring way. You need to slip the rod in and hang on the nails. To add the casing, sew it on heavy weight fabric across back to best fit the rod’s width. Sew it beside the top and bottom of the fabric strip, keeping the middle portion open for a rod.

  1. Good nails or push pins

Nail your tapestry straight to the wall with nails. You can also push pins for small and light tapestries. The nails will fit between wefts. Place small holes along tapestry’s perimeter for more tightly woven tapestries.

  1. As a headboard

This is the most preferable way for people with the tight budget as it helps them to save a little on cash. Hanging tapestries as a headboard is the best bedroom décor.

  1. As a ceiling feature

Tapestry hanging from ceiling is perfect to add the extra awesome feel to the space and create stunning atmosphere along with embellishing unique element of home décor i.e. ceiling.

  1. Plywood board mount

Mounting tapestry onto plywood board is the most suitable method for lighter as well as heavier tapestries. For lightweight or thin tapestry, stretch heavy weight, linen canvas across plywood board’s front and staple fabric tightly to wood board’s back around its perimeter. Make sure that width and length of wood board would be higher than tapestry. After stapling the heavy linen fabric onto the board, hand sews tapestry directly to fabric’s middle through curved needle. The product showing across perimeter will border your tapestry impressively.

Ensure that you sew the tapestry around perimeter and several points on the interior to prevent unappealing sagging later. Use the thread colors that suits small tapestries and do not seen by anyone.

For thick or heavy tapestry, stretch and staple tapestry over canvas stretchers or plywood board and hang it on wall with sawtooth picture hangers. The edges will be flipped to board’s back and stapled down.

  1. Foam core mount

This is the similar method as that of plywood board mount except that stapling is done to foam board. Attach two sheets of foam board together in advance and cover the edges of thick foam board. Ensure that you cover it with heavy weight linen fabric and staple down tightly onto board’s back around the perimeter. Sew it to the fabric using curved needle.

If you are decorating room and wish to make grand impression, considering small size tapestries would be the brilliant idea for you. No matter which design and ways of use you are selecting, all will make the dull environment striking.

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