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Major Classifications of Large Tapestries and How to Hang Them

Although tapestries have been around for a long time, their use as home decorations has only become popular recently. Different types classified according to size or design can make a beautiful addition to any type of room. Knowing where to buy authentic and high quality tapestries is very important just as knowing about how to use each type. The major categories include:

Digital tapestries

These are usually made using digital technology that involves using powerful printers to make markings on the materials as required. The pattern is created on a computer after which it is printed on the piece of cloth.

buy large tapestry online

Screen-printed tapestries

Unlike the digital type where a printer is used, these types require the use of a mesh to make the patterns using the same printing ink. This is usually time consuming compared to the other type since it requires the printing of one color at a time until all the colors in the pattern are captured.

Handmade tapestries

Most people usually prefer these types of tapestries as they have some originality and are therefore considered more authentic. They come in a variety such as Indian and mandala wall tapestries among others.

Uses of tapestries differ with every individual, where some people may use them as rags while others as wall decorations. Either way, they can add great beauty and uniqueness to any room. Large wall tapestries can be hang in different ways but they all begin with measuring the required space and then determining how best it will look. You can use a rod, pins, nails or woods when hanging. Rods may be a better option for those that that have rod casings but even then you’ll need the help of nails to hang the rods after slipping them in the tapestry. With large tapestries, you may also need the help of plywood boards for additional support especially when the material is heavy. Safely pin them on the board then hang the board on the space you created. Using pins can also be helpful when the tapestry is light and you don’t mind punching holes on the wall.

You can easily find tapestries for sale on many online stores but you have to make sure they aren’t fake. Most of these stores usually deliver the item as it appears online so chances of getting the product your order are very high. Whether you want to add some elegance to your bedroom or on the hall, you can never go wrong with tapestry wall hangings. You can choose to have one custom made in order to add a personal touch to its design.

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