Sun Moon decorating ideas that will brighten up your space.

Sun moon is very important part of universe and life without them is impossible. It is said decorating space with sun moon brings good vibes to space. This blog is about importance of sun and moon and sun moon decorating ideas to brighten our home and life.

There are five element in nature which are very important for life that is earth, water, air, sun and sky. These elements are key good and healthy life. These five pillars of life represent energy. Their significance is that they balance energies so to have life with good health and prosperity. Sun reflects good vibes and energy to space and brighten our life. Big sun is most powerful which influences of our home. Sun symbolizes growth, happiness and success in ones life. Adding to this Sun has numerous health benefits that can not be missed. We definitely need the sun to live. Without Sun the planet would have been extremely cold. Sun helps plan in photosynthesis to make nutrients.

Sun Moon decor ideas

Moon is as equal important as Sun. It does affect our tides. The Moon also protects us from many bodies heading our way.

Combining the sun and moon into one adds positiveness of Sun an moon bringing good vibes in the atmosphere. The sun gives us light and so does the moon because it reflects light from the sun.

There would have been no life without our precious sun moon. They are great combination of nature which work together to protect us and make our life possible. Importance of sun moon can not be left unnoticed. In Hindu religion Sun and Moon worshiped as God and given a great spiritual importance. Sun Moon has great importance in Vastu.

Sun moon having numerous importance in our daily life is also taken as decorative element in our home garden. I can say they not help in beautification but said to bring positive vibes to place. Artist all around the world had developed fantastic designs combining sun and moon to decorate our apartment using these auspicious universal bodies. Many beautiful paintings, wall art, metal art, sculptures, fabric prints, sun moon tapestries, magnets, key chains, garments, and many more essentials have been made using these sun moon patterns.

There are millions of sun moon decor ideas available today using which you can decorate your bedroom. Celestial decorating not only makes your room fab but brings prosperity to your space. Sun moon brighten up your room and add charm to your place. Hanging sun moon art in yoga and meditation room is great idea to uplift the vibes.

Here I present some wonderful sun moon decor ideas that you can implement in your room or any space.

Sun Wall art
Wall art is great way to add design and colors to your wall. Instead of keeping a plain wall you can always have Sun and moon art on your wall which will not only look magical but surely increase the good energy of your space.

Sun wall art
Sun Moon Wall hanging

Wall hanging easiest way to include sun moon in your daily life. You just need to have beautiful metallic or wooden sun moon art and hang it. Hanging sun moon in east direction is recommended. If you don't have one draw sun moon on paper color it, paste on cardboard and you are done.


 sun moon wall hanging

Sun moon hanging


Sun moon Vase
Sun moon plant vase is also one of the interesting and new idea. You can keep you plants in sun moon shaped holder and keep them in your balcony, backyard, room or garden.

Moon Plant vase

Sun Moon Tapestry
You can hang a sun moon wall tapestry on your wall. Hanging Tapestry in your bedroom is trendy way to decorate your dorm or bedroom. These tapestries are of 100% cotton. You can get these only easily.

Sun Moon tapestries


Sun Moon in your bedding

Your bedding has lot of things like bedspread, duvet, pillows, cushions and more. You can have them celestial prints. Sun bedspread not only add beauty but will always shower energy blessings on you. You can have pillows with sun moon prints on your couch and sofa.

sun moon bedding


Sun moon with lights
We all know that sun moon are light emitting element of universe. To give a more real picture there are lot of decorating items with led lights. There are also unique moon lamps available in market. You can use these mesmerizing elements to decorate your home.

Moon with lights


Sun Moon Painting
Everything fails in front of Handmade. Hand paintings has its own class and Royalty. Hand painted sun moon prints is always the best idea to brightened up your bedroom. If painting is done with bright and shiny colors then it always reflects light in your room.

Sun Moon furniture
Furniture is most useful and important decorating item of your home. You can have celestial art in your furniture.


Moon couch


Sun Moon Utensil holder
You can have nice pen holder or utensil holder in your kitchen or spoon holder in your dining table with sun moon artifacts.

Sun Moon in ceiling decor
Paint your ceiling with sun moon stars to give more natural feel. Designing your ceiling with sun moon patterns makes you feel that are sitting in open space.

Sun Moon Canvas
Hang a beautiful sun Moon canvas in your living room. Canvas looks fantastic when it is hung behind the sofa. Canvas can be digital or hand painted.

Sun Moon Decor with DIY
There are interesting DIY ideas available on internet using which you can decorate your room with sun moon inspiration.

Last not the least you can always use divine sun moon in your clothing, jewellery and accessories.

You can gift sun moon item to your family and friends as make of positive relationship and spreading good vibes. Live positive life with good thought.

Here is Surya ( Sun in English ) Mantra you can chant in sanskrit.

“Namah Suryaya Shantaya Sarvaroga Nivaarine

Ayu rarogya maisvairyam dehi devah jagatpate”

Meaning: ‘O! Lord Surya, ruler of the universe, you are the remover of all diseases, the repository of peace. I bow to you and please bless your devotees with long life, health, and wealth.’

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