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The Rich History of Wall Tapestries and Their Importance

Wall tapestries have been with us for a long time now and their importance keeps growing with each passing day. A tapestry, also commonly known just as wall-hanging, is one form of art that has been exploited greatly by man to be used within the home.In fact, tapestries are commonly referred to as the art of knitting.

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During the medieval ear, wall hangings were popular with kings and other people in the upper class of the society. For this group, wall tapestries were used in their mansions and castles.From the rich history, one thing we can learn is that tapestry wall hangings were initially considered luxurious stuff. Unique and beautiful designs of images or patterns were implemented into the rich fabric to make the wall hangings.

For the present day, tapestries are also used for decoration purposes by a number of people in their homes and business. One thing that has greatly changed between old-fashioned and present tapestries is in production. The medieval tapestries were hand-woven while at present there are factory machines used to do the weaving. But of course, there are still fewer handicrafts workers here and there and also there are still people who prefer hand-woven tapestries. As a result you could argue that the hand craft has greatly reduced.

The tapestry wall hangings available are of different colors, forms, materials, shapes and designs. For example, in terms of color, there is black and white tapestry and maroon tapestry among other distinct and great colors normally used.

In terms of the types of materials used to make tapestries, there are those that are made from wood and metal. Some of the metals used in Wall metal arts include aluminum, steel and iron. Of course the material used which would have a bearing on its quality is one of the considerations one has to make before buying a tapestry.

The image and or patterns designed on wall tapestries are influenced by a number of things. For example, most of the images displayed in ancient tapestries were inspired by peasants working, mythologies, religious stories and kings hunting. Religious beliefs,traditions, politics,love/romance and nature are therefore some of the factors which influence the designs of tapestries. For example if you happen to be a religious person, you can use religious tapestries to show your beliefs and faith in your home. In our homes for example, there are tapestries based on the political history of different societies. In the living room, in the prayer room and in the sleeping room among other areas of the house, tapestries can greatly improve the quality and appearance of your home.

In conclusion, the tapestry wall hangings can be bought in our local markets but there is also the option of online buying. The internet remains our number one source of information and there are a number of online shops including Amazon that sell tapestries. As a result, you do not have to worry about where you will get your black and white tapestry online.For example,the Yin Yang black and white wall tapestry is a common buy for most people. What the design implemented communicates or means is that the shadow cannot exist without light and vice versa.The shadow (black) is for good while light (white) represents the good.Both bad and good interact daily to influence the lives of men.

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