flower tapestry wall hangings

All About High Quality Flower Tapestry with Its Excellent Versatility

How can we resist on the beauty of floral tapestry? It is too gorgeous to miss on our living room. We should never worry about hanging any flower tapestry, regardless of our living room theme. It suits both contemporary and classic theme. Its versatility leads to its high demand.
flower tapestry wall hangings
What’s so special in choosing tapestry wall hangings, as there are so many choices of contemporary wall decoration? Some homeowners hesitate to use tapestry as their main room decoration, as they might have thought that floral tapestry doesn’t match with the modern, minimalist style room. Well, old-time tapestries were very huge in size. They were placed gorgeously on large-sized rooms, which were commonly found on old-style houses.

These days, apartment owners wish to own a modern-style flower tapestry, that suits their smaller living rooms. Fortunately, floral tapestries online are easier to find. They mostly meet the demands of homeowners with contemporary room theme, that involve the riot of colors. Some homeowners consider that colorful flower tapestry will create a smaller room. As a matter of fact, it depends on how homeowners choose the right angle to display the tapestry. A smaller room requires gypsy or bohemian flowery pattern with bold colors like blue, violet or fuchsia to create a bigger room. Yet, homeowners may want to avoid spring flowers printing as their colorful printing can create cramped room performance.

For bigger rooms, homeowners can easily choose any flowery theme that match with their room background. The latest trend of flower tapestry is the black tapestry fabric with white flowers. Its contrast performance adds the room’s opulence, even if there is no other wall decoration within the room.

Best Materials for High Quality Tapestry Wall Hangings

Old-style tapestries were made of high quality tapestry fabric, which suit best for carpets. They were highly priced and mostly owned by the haves. Fortunately, these days, most tapestries are made of pure polyester to ensure its lightweight feature. They are lower in prices, in which it leads to their sky-rocketing popularity. Those tapestries are too versatile to be used for hanging decoration, as they are also perfect as blankets, bed spreads, etc. The more expensive tapestries are made of pure cotton, as they are mostly hand-printed. Anyway, wall hangings tapestry is also good for separating two small rooms, though it requires a very lightweight fabric that stands the test of time.

Floral tapestry fabric requires the more complicated maintenance, in which owners should only dry clean it, accordingly. For the highest safety level of the room, choose the fire retardant tapestry fabric, though it can cost a fortune.

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