flower tapestry wall hangings

Floral Tapestry – Best Botanical Tapestry to Decor Your Room

Interior decoration speaks a lot to our personality, either in our homes or offices. Choice of colours especially for your office have a way to either impact positively or negatively the image of the company to any prospective client. When considering a decoration for your home, you need to select that colour and design which brings the best outlook for you and your family, at the same time serve you for a longer period.

flower tapestry wall hangings

Floral tapestry is a state of art decoration that will work out magic for you. This is the act of weaving flower patterns on fabrics with an aim of using them as wall hangings. The following points should be considered while making selection of a flower tapestry wall hanging.

1) Flower Choice

If there is an attribute that overrules any traditional beliefs and culture is the passion and drive that comes from Love. Therefore, it is important to give preference to a flower of your choice to bring out the beauty in the tapestry.

2) Size of the tapestry

While the space available for the wall hanging is of paramount consideration, the size of the tapestry should be looked into as well. This will guide you in terms of the costs on what choice to make. Do not go for large wall hangings when you have a small space to hang them. That will spare you from criticism from your guests.

3) Technology

Whereas everyone’s mind is glued towards improved technology, giving preference to oil painting for the work is not left out either. Oil paints guarantees a longer life of the wall hanging. Equally, how you will hang the flower tapestry will give it an antique look.

4) Colour of fabric

When referring to fabric choice, you need to pay to pay attention to the scheme colour in comparison to the flower colour so that you don’t go for a colour that will dampen the look of your decoration. Also ensure the choice of colour blends well with the furniture and all round appearance of the space.

5) Hands-on solution to your Interior decoration

Tapestry wall hanging are the best form of decorating your home and office. You don’t have to worry about breakage as a result of fall, or loosing its shape or colour with time.

In conclusion, everyone wants to feel the value of their money. Why not get a decoration design which will save you costs, make your home or office attract people toward you and at the same time lasts long. Do not be afraid to seek a second opinion while choosing a colour scheme, but most importantly, consider what works well for you.

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