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Finding Small Tapestries Online to Transform Your Bedroom into a Romantic Masterpiece

Tapestry weaving has been around for a number of centuries and is diverse in different cultures. Records of this art go back as far as when ancient Egyptians buried their dead in tapestry woven clothing. A number of civic building in the Greek Empire, including the Parthenon, had tapestry wall hangings. Modern day tapestry was revolutionized by French medieval weavers and the church in the 13th and 14th century.
Buy small tapestry online
It can be a difficult task decorating a bedroom especially if you have no idea where to start. However, taking a few calculated steps can transform your space into a relaxing romantic haven. One way to go is to use tapestry art. Putting up a small wall tapestry in your bedroom is a great way to transform its ambience. The type of tapestry you want to put is absolutely up to you. However, you can ask your family members or partner to share an opinion or two. When selecting small tapestries online for your bedroom these or some of the factors you may want to consider.

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The theme of your bedroom decor
If your bedroom has an existing theme you will want to go for something that complements the style and goes well with the theme. Placing a romantic tapestry directly above the bed will draw attention to the bed and enliven it. If you don’t have a theme you can play around with different small tapestry styles until you find one that fits your preference.
Match the tapestry with the size of your bedroom wall
A small tapestry on a large wall will fail to create the desired impact. Similarly, a large tapestry on a small wall will make your bedroom space look crampy. You should go for something that is just right and one that won’t give you the illusion that you are walking into some other place or time.
Consider the colors of your walls
Light colored walls will go well with just about any tapestry, however if you have strongly colored walls you will have to find a specific tapestry that goes well with the color. A contrasting color may enhance the effect of your tapestry.
Go for the desired impact
In order to create a romantic atmosphere, go for a floral tapestry. You can even try a tapestry that depicts nature to create an illusion of a large living space and the great outdoors. Ultimately, the choice will be according to what you like and what you find romantic.

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