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Black and White Tapestry – Why Tapestry is a Wise Buy?

Tapestry is an old form of art dating back from Egyptian and Greek civilizations. It was also used to record historical events and tell stories. It became the height of fashion in the American interior design in the late 1800s. Tapestry was a symbol of the American aristocracy likened to the European styles found in castles and large estates. Through the years, tapestry designs have evolved to adapt with the changes in interior design. The elegance that tapestry brings in a home reflects the owner’s good taste.
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Development of a Tapestry Culture

Tapestry wall hangings has been commissioned to adorn homes for decades. Its production originated in Switzerland and Germany and further expanded to the Netherlands and France. Arras, France is a known and respected textile town which has been creating wool tapestries for castles dating back from the 14th and 15th centuries. Although the French Revolution destroyed many tapestries, the term Arras is still used to refer to rich tapestry even it was woven somewhere else.

Traditional Designs, Contemporary Methods

For the art lover, traditional tapestries faithfully reproduced are very popular. It also features the same durability using modern fabrics and weaving methods. Contemporary art lovers are often amazed by how these traditional tapestry designs are able to capture the detail, emotion and timeliness of this art. With the advent of modern technology, the designs can now be easily created without sacrificing the durability of the tapestry. Most of these artworks are created on jacquard looms, using 9-17 miles of thread in every design.

Color pallets of the weft and warp threads are harmonized to produce a wide range of colors in the tapestry. Two of most popular products are black and white tapestry and maroon tapestry. People can now purchase black and white tapestry online. Other tapestry wall hangings in various colors and designs are also sold and delivered straight to the homes of the buyers.

Tapestries can be woven from different fabrics – silk, chenille, wool, or cotton. Modern designs now integrate new types of fabrics or an improved version of the usual fabrics and the natural ones.

Hanging tapestry in the wall

For those who have Sheetrock wall, it is suggested that tapestry must not be hung against the wall directly. Sheetrock is known to have high lime content that will affect tapestry over time. To overcome the problem, brackets can be used to keep the tapestry away from the wall.

It is also recommended that tapestry must not be hung in direct sunlight. Just like any art work, direct sunlight will cause the fading of tapestry.

Investing in tapestry is worth it as an investment for a home or office building. As a decor, a fashion statement and in raising the value, tapestries add certain sophistication to the place. The ancient art of tapestry is still valued by today’s generation and the future ones who will inherit the family’s tapestry collection.

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