20 Best beach blanket for 2018

Are you among those people who spend their vacations at the beautiful beach to enjoy the amazing and relaxing time with family and friends? If yes, then we’ve brought to you the exclusive list of 2018’s top 20 best beach blanket that can help you get the tranquil sunbathe while relaxing at your favorite beach.

Round beach blankets are among two must-have accessories that one should never forget while packing the bag for beach holidays. All of the varieties we have mentioned in this list will help you make the vacations comfortable. You can put them on the sand and rest completely; wrap around your body as towel; use it as a protecting thing to get shade from the sun, and in many more ways.

List of 20 topmost beach blankets of year 2018

Let black and white geometric-patterned beach blankets make your beach summer vacations more relaxing for you.


Stylish beach throw with US flag pattern to get easily noticed on a crowded beach

Extremely cute roundie with watermelon printing designs

You can have ethnic Round Beach Blanket designed in peacock mandala style

Bohemian Mandala throw, must-have accessory to show fashion on summer beach. They can be with elephant prints.

You can also choose large roundies with ombre effects.

Simple printed floral colorful beach blankets

How can you forget to carry this geometric printed beach towel on your favorite beach?

Gold glittered round blankets

Pineapple printed round throws

Shibori and tie dye effect blankets. Tie Dye blankets come also in rainbow colors.

Browse the best selection to buy round beach towels and blanket as per your taste, style, and budget. They look unique on beach. These throws are 100% handmade and vegan made. There are variety of stores available online who sell these blankets. They have huge size. Mainly size varies from 65 inches – 72 inches diameter. You can get beautiful round beach blankets here at reasonable price here.



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