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The 2 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Beach Blanket

A beach blanket happens to function in the same way as an indoor blanket. That is, it provides a comfortable surface not only for you to rest in but also to place your accessories on. The name “beach blanket” is general. For example, the blankets are generally used for parties, picnics and outdoor spaces or concerts.

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The main difference between an indoor blanket and a beach blanket is that the latter is thicker and long-lasting. That is to provide you with the necessary coziness when you are enjoying the coastline scene and also to keep away moisture from seeping through.

The term beach blanket is widely considered to be an American phenomenon and can be traced back to the surfing craze of the 1960s in the West Coast. Of course the release of several commercially successful surfing movies around those times up to 1987 also contributed to the culture boom. Consequently, below are some of the things that you must consider before buying your beach blanket to enjoy your beach vacation.

  1. Use

As I had indicated earlier, beach blankets are often used for a number of functions and not only on the beach. For different uses, you will need to consider the material used.

If you happen to be a beach person like me, definitely a round beach blanket that is made of cotton will do. The cotton fabric makes the blanket water-proof.

Furthermore, choose a beach blanket that comes with a weighted pocket or stakes. Of course that was implemented to prevent the beach blanket from getting blown away. The pockets are filled with sand which you will later remove when done.

For outdoor concerts and picnics, a polyester blanket is recommended because the material will resist the stains of grass to get comfortable. A mandala beach towel with Nylon in its bottom is also great as the material is water resistant, making it suitable for use in wet grass.

2. Size

This is also another important aspect and beach blankets come in different dimensions. For a size that is spacious enough for a family, the blanket must be able to cover at the very least 7-8 square feet surface. For one or two people, the blanket size can be smaller.

In conclusion, depending on your needs, the blankets come in different shapes too; you can even choose a trendy type of round beach blanket like the famed mandala beach blanket. Sometimes mandala beach towel comes in a rectangular shape or the popular circular shape but all come with great designs. And of course, there are a number of trusted online shops through which you can purchase your blanket.

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