Janmasthami – Celebrating the birth of Supreme Lord Krishna

Janmashthami festival is celebrated as a joyous event all across India. The wondrous occasion marks the birth of Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna is known as the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu who took birth in the origin of Mathura, a place, which is situated in the Northern India. Janmashthami festival is a pious day celebrated with much gung ho.

Lord Krishna


People gather together and play lots of games to pay tribute to the icon -Lord Krishna and his mischiefs. People across India, especially in the Northern part of the country sing hymns and songs in the praise of Lord Krishna to appease him.

Janmashtmi Celebration

This festival is popular with the motto of the good triumphs bad. The figurines of Lord Krishna can be found in every household of the country. Donning mythologically relevant clothes of silk and zari, flute on mouth and a beautiful peacock feather set atop the head.

Krishna Janmashtmi

Your home is a special retreat from daily hassles of life, it is your abode where your life thrives and spirituality beckons. The home décor too should be something that exudes your character and speaks volume about your personality. On this auspicious festival of Janmashtami, let us spice up your house with bohemian flavor to make it trendy, organic and eye-pleasing.

Hare Rama ! Hare Krishna