Who does not want to decorate their home, room, dorm or any other place where one plan to spend good time! Hanging a beautiful and huge wall tapestry not only add colors to your boring wall but also magnify the place and make it lively. These vivid Indian Handmade Bohemian Tapestries are also believed to bring positive vibes to the place.

 Hanging Tapestries

Hanging any tapestry wall hanging, posters or pictures on wall is simple and easy when you have to use just thumbtacks or nails for it. But many times we are not allowed to use nails as they will damage the walls. It becomes difficult to hang any tapestry or wall hanging on wall due to such problems. I was surfing on the internet and found this amazing and brilliant way of hanging beautiful boho-chic Hippie Tapestry on wall at Dreams DIYS. Here are some basic things which you need to go with. A beautiful wall hanging (if you don't have one, get one at this store :)), adhesive strips and Cloth pins.

Tape Clip Tapestries

Cut the adhesive strips if they are larger than your cloth pins. Cut them little smaller then pin size so that it is not visible.


Now attach the cloth pin to strip and then to wall. You need to stick them at few spaces apart to the width of tapestry. Last step is attach tapestry and these cloth pins. If your tapestry is heavy then you reduce the spaces between cloth pins.

Sticked Tape and Clip

Closeup Clip with Tape

If you have loops on your Wall Hanging then it is easier as adhesive strips with hooks are also available in the stores. You can directly hang them using these strips. So, finally you are done and it is simple and easy!

Hanging Tapestry