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Quilts - Best for decorating your dream home

When it comes to beautify the room, most of the people put their focus on rejuvenating the furniture, using the stunning wall papers, wall paints, stickers, wall hangings, carpet, and curtains. Other than these, bedding covers are also important. The exquisite quilts are beautifully designed for the beds and can be used in numbers of ways to decorate the bedroom and living room. Lots of styles with different shapes, printed fabrics, embroidery, patchwork, and sizes can be found in the market these days that makes an ever-lasting statement on the room. It adds personality to the room and makes it unique. Most popular types of quilts
  • Kantha : Made with natural colors, Kantha quilts are the nice option as it can be used as bedding throw, bedcover, quilt, bedspread, blanket, and gudri. The quilts made of quality material (100% cotton fabric) can be easily washed by the hands without damaging the superiority and its durability. The stitching is made by hand in an attractive way. Kantha embroidery is recognized as the top fashion label in the Indo-Western world. This embroidery work includes artistic work made by the renowned and talented artists with the perfect combination of superb embroidery in a decorative stitch. There are different types of kantha quilts available at reasonable price in online marketplace.
  • Floral : The striking floral quilts can be used to create the beautiful bedding as per own wish. For example- if you have a baby and you wish to design the child-friendly ambiance in his or her room buy floral quilt of their favorite flower-patterned design and make your kid enjoy the best atmosphere and décor of a room. Decide on the style you want to choose and bring it in your home to have the natural environment and give bedroom the soft makeover.
  • Patchwork : Handmade patchwork quilts is an enjoyable way to create own style and pattern. Using these varieties of quilts helps to create the perfect eye-catching decor with practical artwork. Other than creating the elegant bedding, these accessories can also be used as a beautiful gift for family, friends, and relatives. Just by making the simple changes, you can use the patchwork quilt for multiple purposes such as wall hanging, potholder, quilt for a baby, and table runner.