About us

I have grown in Jaipur, incredible place also known as pink city of Rajasthan, India. I am always fascinated by Art and crafts. I am big fan of ethnic and traditional items like Puppets, Elephants, Camels and Home decor items.
After my wedding I got settled in Delhi. With support and love of my Husband and cute daugher Avni, I continued playing with colors of Rajasthan. We present treasure of very good Handmade items beautifully crafted by expert and trained artisan of India. We act as bridge between craftpersons and people around the global. These craftsman have churned the art from their ancestor which has been passed from generation. People are dazzled by the variety and vibrancy in the work which is appreciated by all and our craftsman are not only motivated but also judged right with money they get for their work.
I believe in "Karma". It is said "Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness". My work do not only gives me immense pleasure but also huge satisfaction as my work encourages the poor artisan who can run their livelyhood and contribute India in expanding globally.
There are many other companies and organization who are also envolved in such activity. I thank them from bottom of my heart as they are also contributing to our land. I am doing nothing different but I love doing this. I always try to put my creativity and new ideas to the work.


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